Gaslight of St James's

The Gaslight Club of St James's
A very difficult installation as we had to integrate the existing equipment with minimal new equipment on a shoestring budget.
There were real noise issues with this venue as it is situated in the basement of a 6 storey building, with lots of gaps and hollows that allowed the sound to escape and appear in some of the luxury flats above. The main issue we had was that before the volume in the venue was anywhere near adequate the neighbours were complaining.
We eventally removed the entire system and re-installed it, re-using as much as we could, but re-siting the speakers into safe zones where they did not affect the housing above. Using a large number of small speakers we created a multi zoned venue comprising of multiple short throw speakers giving very concentrate sound fields.
The system volumes were then set so that a maximum level could not be exceeded ensuring that none of the residents were disturbed. Such is the design of the system that it is never run anywhere near full volume now as it is easily loud enough, and the neighbours cannot hear a thing.