Event Services - Bespoke Event Planning

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Let us take the hassle out of your event. Above and beyond our standard hire equipment, we have a large stock of professional sound and lighting equipment that we use on our corporate and professional events.
We can cover pretty much any event, whether it be a bespoke wedding or birthday party, a corporate event, a product launch or live music event. Indoors or outdoors we can supply everything you need to cover venues up to approx 10,000 people.

Discos, Parties, Weddings and Birthdays
If you want to really push the boat out and have a party you will never forget we can supply equipment only, or equipment & DJ, and make sure your party is the best it can be.
We will take the time to sort out exactly what you want, and suggest ideas of our own. We will meet with you at least twice, once at the venue, to discuss your thoughts and ideas and add in anything that we can think may work for you. You will then be treated to the event of a lifetime. We will take all the stress and hassle out of your special day and you can rest assured that your event is in good hands.

Live Music Events
We have one of the best sound and lighting systems available for live bands, operated by two incredibly experienced sound engineers and a hugely talented lighting engineer. We will liase with the band to find out what they need, and we can supply DJs to play between band sets to keep your crowd dancing throughout the night.

Product Launches
Over the years we have worked with several companies decorating their venues and entertaining guests at a wide range of product launches and photo shoots promoting everything from sportswear to cars to office space.

TV & Films
Over the years we have been sought out by many TV and Film production companies to supply equipment for various scenes. We have set up everything from school discos and office parties right up to illegal raves and laser shows.
In the past we have worked on The Bill, Thief Takers, The Office Christmas Special, Bad Education, Drifters and Bird of a Feather, and have supplied equipment to many more. We totally understand the need for realism in our set ups and know exactly how to make the equipment look just right for the big or small screen.

Corporate Events & DJs
We specialise in supplying DJs for other events companies and have working for us two very sought after DJs. Over the last three years we have been employed over the Christmas period by a company called Best Parties Ever to entertain their guests at Syon Park.
In the last three years that we have been working for them we have helped grow their business and increase their bookings year on year. Never under estimate the value of a good DJ!

One Off Promotions
Over the years we have supplied additonal equipment to run alongside ready installed kit into venues to help promote special nights. In the past we have worked with record companies and top name DJs and artists to provide an amazing one off experience for a venue.

Theme Night Parties
With themed parties all the rage why leave your venue decor to chance? We can supply backdrops, sound, lighting and DJs / Bands for all occasions. We regularly do red carpet / Hollywood evenings, James Bond theme night, 60s, 70's and 80's nights, Wild West evenings and many others.
We can design your venue for you and supply acts suitable for the theme of the night, and play music to enhance the entire evening.