Your Wedding Disco.

Your wedding day is the most special day in your life, and I recognise and respect that. Weddings are hugely expensive, the church, the cars, the dress, the flowers.... The list is endless! And so is the bill!! With the average wedding costing well in excess of £15,000 people have a tendency to under estimate the value of a good wedding disco. It can make or break your special day.

Imagine the let down after a perfect day when the DJ arrives late, or is not appropriately dressed, or doesn't have your first dance, or doesn't have the music you want. It sounds hellish - but I have heard all these complaints before!!!.

Why leave it to chance? Ladies, you wouldn't go for a wedding dress just because it is the cheapest option would you? You wouldn't choose the flowers or the cake for the same reason. Over a third of your wedding day will taken up by the evening entertainment - why would you compromise the whole day by hiring a part time, unprofessional DJ? I may be more expensive than other DJ's and agencies, but when you book me you also book my experience, expertise and quality of service.

I will sit down with you before the big day, either in person or on the phone, to discuss all your needs. I will have your first dance, I will have the music you require, I will be dressed correctly, I will do everything I possibly can to make sure that you have all your needs taken care of.

Optional extras that I can provide you with include a PA system for your after dinner speeches, uplighting and mood lighting for hallways and corridors and special effects lighting such as flame machines for entrances, all designed to turn your special day into your dream day.

Make your evening even more spectacular with the addition of video projections. I can supply large video screens or plasma TVs to display photos or videos of the wedding itself for the evening guests, or photos of the bride and groom in their courtship days.

Weddings are a hugely expensive affair, it would be a real shame to spoil everything for the sake of a few hundred pounds.